Image editor

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The image editor can be accessed throughout the whole system, everywhere the Edit (Edit) icon is available for a listed image, just like:


document's Form tab
media libraries
document attachments


The image editor looks as in the following screenshot:




You can see the current appearance of the image on the right, while the following modifications can be done to the image on the particular tabs:




By percentage - resizes the image to the entered percentage of side size
By absolute size - resizes the image to the size specified in the Width and Height fields
Maintain aspect ratio -  if enabled, the other dimension is recalculated automatically when one dimension is specified above




Rotate 90° left
Rotate 90° right
Flip horizontally
Flip vertically




From - current format of the image
To - target format of the conversion; .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png
Quality - quality of compression; applicable only for .jpg conversion




This action reduces the size of the image by removing the borders of the image.


Width - width of the trimmed image
Height - height of the trimmed image


Select the position of the trimming area in the original image and click the Trim button.




Convert to grayscale - if clicked, the image is converted from color to greyscale




On this tab, you can rename the file using the File name field and you can also see the Extension, Size, Width and Height of the file.


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