How does it really work?

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If you're familiar with dynamic websites, you may want to know what the difference between a CMS system and a common ASP.NET website is. Technically, Kentico CMS is just another ASP.NET web application. It's advantage is that it provides a ready-to use framework for all common tasks.


Here's a comparison of page processing in a typical ASP.NET and Kentico CMS:




But it looks more complex!


Yes, the CMS system is more complex to make your job easier. In Kentico CMS, you do not need to develop complex pages, write ADO.NET code or SQL queries.


The CMS does much of that for you and you usually only drag-and-drop controls or web parts and set their properties. Then, you write .NET code only if you need to add additional business logic or functionality that is not supported out-of-the-box.


What else does the CMS do for me?


Kentico CMS provides a powerful content repository for your web content. Read the next chapter to learn more.


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