Database tables and API classes

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The Forums module uses the following database tables:


Forums_Forum - contains forums and their settings
Forums_ForumGroup - contains forum groups and their settings
Forums_ForumModerators - contains information about forum moderators
Forums_ForumPost - contains forum posts and information about them
Forums_ForumRoles - contains information about forum permissions
Forums_ForumSubscription - contains information about forum subscriptions
Forums_Attachment - contains forum post attachments and information about them
Forums_UserFavorites - contains favorite posts of users


The Forums API is provided by the following CMS.Forums namespace classes:


ForumInfo, ForumInfoProvider - these classes provide functionality for managing individual forums
ForumGroupInfo, ForumGroupInfoProvider - these classes provide functionality for managing forum groups
ForumPostInfo, ForumPostInfoProvider - these classes provide functionality for managing forum posts and threads


The following topics show examples of how these classes can be used:


Creating forums
Creating threads


The API programming and Kentico CMS internals section of this guide contains more API related information, so please refer to it if required.


For detailed API documentation, such as a list of all methods from the classes above, please refer to Kentico CMS API Reference that is a part of your Kentico CMS installation and can be accessed through the programs folder in Windows Start menu.


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