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In the Template dialog, you can specify the page template that will be used for the current document.

General properties


The page can be based on some specified page template or inherit the page template from the parent document.



Current template name. Different template can be chosen after clicking the Select button.

Save as new template...

Saves the current template appearance as a new re-usable page template.

Inherit template

Indicates if page template should be inherited from the parent page.

Clone as ad-hoc template

Creates a new ad-hoc template based on the current page template. In many cases, you may want to re-use the ad-hoc page template for other pages. In this case, you need to save the ad-hoc template as a new re-usable template.

Edit template properties

Displays a new window with the template properties and settings.


Inherit content


This option allows you (developer) specify if and how the content should be inherited from the parent page(s). It overrides the content inheritance settings of the page template.


Inherit all

Document inherits all the content from all parent pages.

Do not inherit any content

Document does not inherit any content from the parent page.

Inherit only master page

Document inherits content from the first master page above the page in the content tree, i.e. if there are more master pages, it inherits only from the one which is the closest above.

Select inherited levels

Using this option, you can specify from which particular levels should the content be inherited.


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