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General tab fields:


CSS Stylesheet

The CSS stylesheet used for the particular page. You can choose some particular stylesheet or use the default site stylesheet. You can also choose to inherit the stylesheet from the parent document.


Document owner is the user responsible for its editing.


This feature doesn't imply any special permissions for the owner, but it allows for easier orientation in documents. The owner can see all their documents in My Desk -> My Documents section.


The owner is by default set to the user who created the document. The owner can be changed only by users with "Modify permissions" permission.

Owned by group

This field shows which group is the owner of the document (this is particularly the case of group pages). This field is mainly informative, but in some special situations, you might find it useful to change the group that the document belongs to by using the Change button.


Rating of the document's content posted evaluated by site visitors; you can reset the value using the Reset button; see the Modules -> Content rating chapter for more details.


This option allows you to specify if the page content should be cached in memory (full-page caching). You can choose to inherit the settings from the parent document or to set a different value or to disable full-page caching.

Cache minutes

Determines how long should the content of this page be cached if caching is enabled.


Page url: