Document library widget

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The module also comes with the Document library widget. The widget is stored under the Document library widget category and it is an editor widget, i.e. it can only be added to editor widget zones of page templates by website editors in CMS Desk.


Compared to the Document library web parts, the Document library widget only has a limited set of properties to configure:


Library path - path to the document under which the library documents are stored, e.g. /My-document-library/My-images; only CMS.File documents from the first level under the entered path are displayed; using the Set permissions button, you can directly configure the document's permissions, as described in Security
Page size - number of documents listed by the web part on a single page
Combine with default culture - if No, only documents from the current culture that are stored under the Library path will be displayed; if Yes, documents from the default culture will be displayed along with documents from the current culture, while default culture documents will be marked with the culture's flag (as can be seen in the screenshot below) and the Translate option will be available in their context menu


Besides the fact that only a limited set of properties is available with the widget, its functionality is identical to the Document library web part.




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