Creating a forum group

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All forums are a part of some forum group. Pre-defined forums need to be created within some particular forum group and ad-hoc forums are automatically placed into the AdHoc forum group upon creation. A forum group usually contains forums related to the same topic. For example:


Computers (forum group)
Announcements (forum)
Technical questions (forum)
FAQ's (forum)
Web design (forum group)
CSS (forum)
XHTML (forum)


Creating a new forum group


Go to CMS Desk -> Tools -> Forums and click NewForumGroup New forum group. Fill in the following fields:


Group display name: the forum group name displayed on your website
Group code name: the forum group name used in your code
Description: description of the forum group displayed on your website
Forum group base URL: URL displayed when the user accesses the forum; eg. ~/MyForums.aspx
Forum group unsubscription URL: URL of a page where users can unsubscribe from the given forum group


Click OK to save.



Continue to the Creating a pre-defined forum topic to learn how to create individual forums within a forum group or the Adding an ad-hoc forum to the web topic to find out more about ad-hoc forums..

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