Setting widget permissions

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The following sample code shows how you can assign a role and permission to a widget:




using CMS.PortalEngine;

using CMS.SiteProvider;

using CMS.CMSHelper;




        string permissionName = "AllowedFor";

        string resourceName = "Widgets";

        string className = null;

        string roleName = "TestRole";

        int siteID = CMSContext.CurrentSiteID;


        // Get role, widget and permission object

        RoleInfo ri = RoleInfoProvider.GetRoleInfo(roleName, siteID);

        WidgetInfo wi = WidgetInfoProvider.GetWidgetInfo("AbuseReport");

      PermissionNameInfo pni = PermissionNameInfoProvider.GetPermissionNameInfo(permissionName, resourceName, className);


        // If all exist

        if ((ri != null) && (wi != null) && (pni != null))


            // Add role to widget 

            WidgetRoleInfoProvider.AddRoleToWidget(ri.RoleID, wi.WidgetID, pni.PermissionId);



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