Performing a search

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The following sample code shows how you can perform a search and get the results into a DataSet:




using System.Data;

using CMS.SiteProvider;

using CMS.CMSHelper;

using CMS.GlobalHelper;




        // Get index object from database by index code name

        SearchIndexInfo sii = SearchIndexInfoProvider.GetSearchIndexInfo("TestIndex");


        int numberOfResults;


        // If index exists

        if (sii != null)



            // Set properties

            string searchText = "Search text";

            string path = "/%";

            string classNames = "";

            string cultureCode = "EN-US";

            string defaultCulture = CultureHelper.DefaultCulture.IetfLanguageTag;

            Lucene.Net.Search.Sort sort = SearchHelper.GetSort("##SCORE##");

            bool combineWithDefaultCulture = false;

            bool checkPermissions = false;

            bool searchInAttachments = false;

            string searchIndexes = sii.IndexName;

            int displayResults = 100;

            int startingPosition = 0;

            int numberOfProcessedResults = 100;

            UserInfo userInfo = CMSContext.CurrentUser;

            string attachmentWhere = "";

            string attachmentOrderBy = "";


            // Get search results

          DataSet ds = SearchHelper.Search(searchText, sort, path, classNames, cultureCode, defaultCulture, combineWithDefaultCulture, checkPermissions, searchInAttachments, searchIndexes, displayResults, startingPosition, numberOfProcessedResults, userInfo, out numberOfResults, attachmentWhere, attachmentOrderBy);


            // If at least one item is found

            if (numberOfResults > 0)



                // Perform some action with result dataset





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