Getting CSS stylesheet data

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The following sample code shows how you can get a CSS stylesheet as a CssStylesheetInfo object:




using CMS.SiteProvider;




        // Get stylesheet object by ID

      CssStylesheetInfo csi = CssStylesheetInfoProvider.GetCssStylesheetInfo(1);


      // Get stylesheet object by stylesheet name

      CssStylesheetInfo csi2 = CssStylesheetInfoProvider.GetCssStylesheetInfo("CorporateSite");


The following sample code shows how you can get a DataSet containing CSS stylesheets:




using System.Data;

using CMS.SiteProvider;

using CMS.CMSHelper;




        string siteName = CMSContext.CurrentSiteName;

      string where = "";

      string orderBy = "";

      string columns = "";

      int topN = 10 ;


      // Get dataset of stylesheets according to the given parameters

      DataSet ds2 = CssStylesheetInfoProvider.GetCssStylesheets(siteName);


      DataSet ds3 = CssStylesheetInfoProvider.GetCssStylesheets(where, orderBy);


      DataSet ds4 = CssStylesheetInfoProvider.GetCssStylesheets(where, orderBy, topN);


      DataSet ds5 = CssStylesheetInfoProvider.GetCssStylesheets(where, orderBy, topN, columns);


      // Get dataset of all stylesheet objects

      DataSet ds = CssStylesheetInfoProvider.GetAllCssStylesheets();


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