Getting and updating bad words

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The following code example demonstrates how to get a DataSet with all global bad words stored in the system database. Using the WHERE condition, you can specify which particular bad words you want to retrieve.




using System.Data;

using CMS.SiteProvider;




        // Set the WHERE condition

        string where = "WordIsGlobal = 1";

        // Set the ORDER BY clause

        string orderBy = "WordExpression";


        // Get a DataSet of Bad word info objects according to the given parameters

        DataSet ds = BadWordInfoProvider.GetBadWords(where, orderBy);


        // Get a DataSet of Bad word info objects for given culture by its ID

        DataSet ds2 = BadWordInfoProvider.GetBadWords(1);


In the code example below, you can see how a single bad word can be retrieved from the system database, updated with some changes and saved back to the database.




using CMS.SiteProvider;

using CMS.CMSHelper;




        // First get the bad word info by its ID

        BadWordInfo bwi = BadWordInfoProvider.GetBadWordInfo(1);


        // Set the WordReplacement property to the default value from the current site settings

        bwi.WordReplacement = BadWordInfoProvider.GetReplacementFromSettings(CMSContext.CurrentSiteName);


        // Save object



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