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The following code example consists of a sequence of custom table data item management operations. A data item is first created and inserted into a custom table. After that, one of its columns is modified with different data. Next, the order of the item is modified. Finally, the item is deleted from the table and in the very end, all items in the custom table are deleted as well.




using System;

using System.Data;

using CMS.SiteProvider;

using CMS.CMSHelper;

using CMS.GlobalHelper;




        string tableName = "customtable.sampletable";


        // Create an instance of the Custom table item provider

        CustomTableItemProvider tableProvider = new CustomTableItemProvider(CMSContext.CurrentUser);


        // Create a custom table item object

        CustomTableItem cti = new CustomTableItem(tableName, tableProvider);

        // Set the ItemText field value

        cti.SetValue("ItemText""Sample text");

        // Insert the item object into the database



        // Get an item from a specified custom table

        cti = tableProvider.GetItem(1, tableName);


        if (cti != null)


            // Get names of the custom table columns

            string[] columns = cti.ColumnNames;


            // If the table contains the ItemText column, get its value

            if (cti.ContainsColumn("ItemText"))


                string text = ValidationHelper.GetString(cti.GetValue("ItemText"), "");


                // Modify the column value

                text += " modified";

                cti.SetValue("ItemText", text);


                // Update the database record




            // Check if the custom table items can be ordered

            if (cti.OrderEnabled)


                // Move the item down

                tableProvider.MoveItemDown(cti.ItemID, tableName);


                // Move the item up

                tableProvider.MoveItemUp(cti.ItemID, tableName);



            // Delete the custom table item from the database





        // Delete all items from a specified custom table



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