Creating a new message

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The following sample code shows how you can create a new message, edit its text and finally delete it, all using the API.




using CMS.Messaging;

using CMS.CMSHelper;

using CMS.SiteProvider;

using CMS.GlobalHelper;




        // Creates a new message from CurrentUser to administrator

        MessageInfo message = new MessageInfo();

        message.MessageSubject = "Subject";

        message.MessageBody = "Hello world!";

        message.MessageSenderUserID = CMSContext.CurrentUser.UserID;

        message.MessageRecipientUserID = UserInfoProvider.GetUserInfo("administrator").UserID;

        message.MessageSent = DateTime.Now;



        // Gets the previously created message and edits its body

        MessageInfo messageToEdit = MessageInfoProvider.GetMessageInfo(message.MessageID);

        messageToEdit.MessageBody += " This message was edited";




        // Deletes the previously created and edited message



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