Creating a new record

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The sample code below demonstrates how a new record can be added to a BizForm using the API.




using CMS.FormEngine;

using CMS.SettingsProvider;

using CMS.DataEngine;

using CMS.GlobalHelper;




      string bizFormName = "TestingSiteContactUs";

      string siteName = "CMSTestingSite";


      // Read BizFrom definition

      BizFormInfo bfi = BizFormInfoProvider.GetBizFormInfo(bizFormName, siteName);


      if (bfi != null)


          // Read data type definition

          DataClassInfo dci = DataClassInfoProvider.GetDataClass(bfi.FormClassID);


          if (dci != null)


              GeneralConnection genConn = ConnectionHelper.GetConnection();

              // create a new record in memory (new DataClass object)

              DataClass formRecord = new DataClass(dci.ClassName, genConn);


              // Insert some data

               formRecord.SetValue("FirstName", "Alice");

               formRecord.SetValue("LastName", "Cooper");

               formRecord.SetValue("Email", "");

               formRecord.SetValue("Message", "Hallo world");

               formRecord.SetValue("FormInserted", DateTime.Now);

               formRecord.SetValue("FormUpdated", DateTime.Now);


              // Insert the new record in the database



              // Update number of entries in BizFormInfo






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