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Here you can see a list of all available newsletter templates. You can manage the items in the list using the appropriate icon on the left side - edit (Edit), delete (Delete) and clone (Clone). New templates can be created by using the NewNewsletterTemplate New template link.


If there is a large amount of displayed templates, you can filter them by their name or type using the filter above the list.


Three types of templates are available:


Newsletter issue - this is a template that defines the layout and design of static newsletter issues. It contains editable regions where newsletter authors can enter the content.
Subscription - template of the e-mail message sent when a user subscribes to the newsletter.
Unsubscription - template of the e-mail message sent when a user unsubscribes.


More resources can be found at:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Overview
Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Newsletter templates


Page url: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/5_5r2/contexthelp/index.html?templates_tab.htm