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The Objects tab is where changes made to objects are logged.


The main categories are website and Global objects. The first category contains object changes connected to the current website, whilst the second one contains object changes for global objects.


Using the Server drop-down, you can choose the target server that you want to synchronize. By choosing (all), you perform synchronization for all available target servers. Then you can perform one of the following actions using the buttons at the bottom:


Synchronize selected - performs synchronization for all tasks selected by the check-boxes (Enabled) on the target server;
Synchronize all - performs synchronization for all listed tasks on the target server; in case you made any changes to content on the target server in the meantime, these changes will be overwritten


Delete selected - deletes all tasks selected by the check-boxes (Enabled) on the target server
Delete all - deletes all listed tasks on the target server


When you select a particular object category, you get also the following manual action offered. This action is manual because it is not related to the listed tasks and can be performed even if there are no synchronization tasks logged:


SynchronizeSubTree Synchronize current sub-tree - synchronizes all objects in the selected category


The following types of tasks are logged for objects. You can see the type in the Task type column:


CREATEOBJ - new object was created
UPDATEOBJ - object was modified
DELETEOBJ - object was deleted
ADDTOSITE - object was assigned to a site; applicable only to site-related objects
REMOVEFROMSITE - object was removed from a site; applicable only to site-related objects


The following types of tasks are logged for folders in media libraries:


CREATEFOLDER - folder was created
RENAMEFOLDER - folder was renamed
COPYFOLDER - folder was copied
MOVEFOLDER - folder was moved
DELETEFOLDER - folder was deleted




Please note


Global metadata changes such as changes to document types, custom tables and system tables produce staging tasks for all staging servers of all sites. In such case, it is recommended to synchronize such changes to all servers of all sites at the same time to prevent overwriting of such metadata and loosing the data by synchronizing the older tasks later.


You can use the <add key="CMSStagingTreatServerNamesAsInstances" value="true" /> key to make sure that once the global task is synchronized, it is deleted from all other servers with the same name to prevent such possibility. The default value is false since staging can use multiple target instances targeted with the same names.



Detailed information about the Content staging module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Content staging.


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