Sent e-mails tab

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This tab displays a list of e-mails that have been successfully sent via the e-mail queue. You can set how long will the e-mails stay in this list through the Site Manager -> Settings -> E-mails -> Archive e-mails (days) property.


You can Resend (Resend) the mail, Delete (Delete) it or View (View) its details. There are also three links at the top of the page:


DeleteSelected Delete all - deletes all e-mails in the list
DeleteSelected Delete selected - deletes e-mails selected by the check-boxes in the list
RebuildIndex Refresh - refreshes the content of the list of sent e-mails


When there is a large number of e-mails in the e-mail queue, you can easily limit which e-mails will be displayed using the filter. It can be displayed by clicking the Display filter link above the e-mail list.

More resources can be found at Developer's Guide -> Modules -> E-mail queue -> Overview.

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