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On this page, you are either creating or editing an excluded forum in a smart search forum index. Excluded forums make sense only when you have all forums defined as allowed. By defining a forum as excluded, it will not be indexed and all forums except for the excluded ones will be indexed.


Use the Site name drop-down to choose the site whose forums should be excluded from the index.


You can click the Select button next to the Forums field to open the Select forums dialog.


In the Select forums dialog, use the Forum group drop-down to select a forum group. Its child forums will be listed below. To exclude a forum from the index, enable (Enabled) the appropriate check-boxes.


Alternatively, the code names of forums to be excluded can be entered manually into the Forums field, separated by semicolons. Any forum on the selected site can be excluded from the index in this way. The asterisk character (*) can be used as a wildcard for any number of characters.


For example, entering *community* would exclude all forums that contain the string community in their code name from the index.


More resources can be found at:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Smart search -> Overview
Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Smart search -> Managing indexes -> Defining forums index content.


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