New project

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The following properties can be entered when creating a new project:


Display name

Name of the project that is displayed on the live site and in the user interface

Code name

Code name of the project

Project goal

Text description of the purpose of the project

Start date

Specifies the date and time when work on the project should start


Specifies the date and time before which the project should be complete


Allows the selection of the user who will be set as the project owner; the owner is usually the user who ensures that the project is completed successfully; by default, the user who created the project is entered


Allows one of the predefined project statuses to be selected

Project page

Allows the selection of a document from the current site to which the project will be bound

Allow task ordering

If enabled, the order of tasks under the project can be changed using arrow buttons


More resources can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Project management -> Overview.


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