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This tab is displayed only when the <add key="CMSShowTemplateASPXTab" value="true"/> key is added to the <appSettings> section of your web.config.


On this tab, you can export a page template created in the Portal engine as an ASPX page template. Based on the selected radio-button, you can export the page template as:


Template using master page
Master page
Standard page template
Page template code only


Exported page templates will be exported as ~/CMSTemplates/<Site>/<Template name>.<extension>, where the Site and Template name values will be taken from the fields of the same name.


For templates using a master page, you can also specify the name of the master page which will then be used in the MasterPage property of the page's <%@ Page %> tag.


After setting all the properties, the export itself can be performed by pressing the Save to the disk button.


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