Order Steps

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Step 1

In this step you need to add some existing customer. You can search the customers using the Search button.


Step 2

Clicking on the "Add item" link you can add a new (existing) product(s) from the opened window. You can also change the currency in the drop-down list and enter coupon code if available. The list of the products will be updated after the product is added.


Step 3


Billing address

Here you can select the billing address of the customer (if available) or you can create new.

Name (company or personal)

Here you can enter the name of the customer or the company.

Address lines

These lines are filled with actual customer address (if selected) or you can add a new address.


Enter the city name.


Here you can enter the ZIP code of the city.


You can select country of the customer. If the country has any states, second drop-down list is displayed (Countries configuration).

Phone number

Customers phone number.

My shipping address is different from the billing address

If it is checked a new form is displayed to enter another address.


Step 4



Select shipping option from the drop-down.


Select payment method from the drop-down.


Step 5

Here you can see the order preview and you can check all information about this order.


Step 6

The order payment is provided in this step. Regarding to the selected payment method are the necessary fields displayed. The payment is finished using the "Finish payment" button. To skip the payment click the "Skip payment" button.

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