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On this page, you can see a list of notification gateways in the system. You can Edit (Edit) or Delete (Delete) existing gateways or create a new one using the AddNotificationGateway New gateway link.


Gateway edit and New gateway


On this page, you can set properties of the notification gateway. The following properties can be set:


Display name - display name of the notification gateway
Code name - code name of the gateway
Description - text describing the gateway
Enabled - if unchecked, the notification gateway is not functional - this can be useful if you want to temporarily disable the gateway so that no messages will be sent, e.g. when you are performing some administration tasks; if checked, the gateway works normally


Assembly name - name of the assembly in which the gateway code is stored
Class name - name of the class containing the gateway code; must be entered including the assembly name, as you can see in the screenshot below
Supports message subject - check if the gateway's message format supports message subjects
Supports HTML text - check if the gateway supports messages in HTML format (e.g. for e-mails)
Supports plain text - check if the gateway supports plain text format (e.g. for SMS)


Detailed information about the Notifications module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Notifications.


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