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In this section you can edit the appropriate newsletter template. You can edit the Display and Code name fields as well as the layout of the template.


A newsletter template consists of:


Header (HTML) - the leading HTML code including the <html> element.
Body - the layout of the e-mail - here you can enter static text, use the WYSIWYG editor and insert macros and editable regions. Editable regions allow users to enter the content of the particular newsletter issue. They can be inserted using the Insert editable region section. The region is inserted as a macro expression in format: $$regionName:width:height$$
Footer (HTML) - the closing HTML code.
CSS stylesheet - the CSS styles used for the newsletter; these styles are used by the newsletter issue editors and they are included in the e-mails.


All types of newsletter templates can contain the following macro expressions anywhere in the text:


{%Email%} - resolves into the e-mail address of the subscriber
{%FirstName%} - resolves into the first name of the subscriber
{%LastName%} - resolves into the last name of the subscriber
{%UnsubscribeLink%} - resolves into a link to the unsubscription page


Additionally, other types of macro expressions as seen in Appendix A - Macro expressions can be entered into templates.


You can also add attachments to the template using the Add file selector.


More resources can be found at:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Overview
Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Newsletter templates


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