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This is the wizard used for creating new newsletter issues:


New Issue – Step 1

Here you can specify the content of a new issue. It is necessary to specify the subject in the Subject field before you can proceed to the next step. You can add macros to the body or subject with the aid of the Insert field section that will be resolved into the data of the appropriate subscriber.


New Issue – Step 2

Here you can preview the issue for each subscriber using the < Back and Next > links.


New Issue – Step 3

Here you can select when the issue will be sent. The following options are available:


Send now - the newsletter issue is sent out immediately to all subscribers
Schedule newsletter mail-out - the newsletter issue is sent out on a specified date and time
Send the newsletter manually later - the newsletter is not sent and you can decide on the mail-out time later


You need to click the Finish button to confirm the selection and finish the new issue creation process.


More resources can be found at:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Overview
Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Authoring static newsletter issues


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