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On this tab, moderators can manage board messages. By default, there are only messages requiring approval displayed when you access the page, so that the moderator sees only new messages that need to be approved or rejected. Until the messages aren't approved, they won't be displayed on the message board. Rejected messages won't be displayed too.


Using the filter above the list, you can determine which messages you want to display. The following filtering parameters are available:


Site name - only messages from the selected site will be displayed
Board name - only messages from the selected message board will be displayed
User name - only messages posted by the user specified here will be displayed; you can also enter only a part of the user name
Text - only messages containing the entered text will be displayed
Is approved - you can choose whether to display only approved or disapproved messages
Is SPAM - you can choose whether to display only messages (not) marked as SPAM


Messages in the list can be Approved (Approve), Rejected (Reject), Deleted (Delete) or Edited (Edit). If you choose to edit a message, the following window pops up, letting you make changes to it. You can also select more messages using the check-boxes and perform one of these actions for all of them using the Selected items drop-down list and clicking the OK button.


Detailed information about the Message boards module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Message boards.


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