General tab

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The following properties can be set on the General tab:


User name - the user's user name (login); it must be unique across all websites in the system
Full name - user's full name (first name, middle name and last name)
First name - user's first name
Middle name - user's middle name
Last name - user's last name
E-mail - user's e-mail address


Enabled - indicates if the user account is enabled and the user can sign in
Is editor - indicates if the user is authorized to sign in to CMS Desk; it's used to differentiate users who are only allowed to visit member areas of the website from content editors who can use the CMS Desk user interface; this provides an extra security layer
Is global administrator - indicates if the user is global administrator; global administrators have full permissions for all features and data across the system and are not affected by permission settings for particular modules
Is external user - this attribute is used when you are using integration with an external user database (e.g. LiveID, OpenID, Facebook Connect or some custom external database); when enabled, the user is not able to log in using forms authentication
Is domain user - indicates if the user was imported form Active Directory
Is hidden - if true, the user is not visible on the site (e.g. on-line users monitoring, repeaters displaying users, etc.)
Disable site manager - this option is available only when editing a global administrator, but not when a global administrator is editing her own account; by enabling it, the user is still a global administrator, but can not access Site Manager, i.e. can only perform actions in CMS Desk


Preferred content culture - preferred culture in which the content is displayed to the user
Preferred user interface culture - preferred culture in which the users wants to see the user interface (CMS Desk and Site Manager)


Created - date and time when the user account was created
Last logon - date and time when the user last logged in
Last logon information - information about the IP address and browser agent of the user's last logon


Starting alias path - the starting alias path of the content tree in CMS Desk -> Content; if you specify this value, the user is not allowed to browse other sections of the website in the content tree; please note that this feature is only intended for better usability and it doesn't ensure security control - if you need to establish access rights for the given user, grant the appropriate document permissions to the user (on the Properties -> Security tab)




Global administrators can also see the Impersonate Log in as this user link at the top of this tab. By clicking this link, the administrator gets logged in as the currently edited user and get redirected depending on the type of user:


Global administrator - if you log in as some other global administrator, you will stay on the General tab
Editor - if you log in as some editor (a user with the Is editor option enabled), you will be redirected to CMS Desk
Standard user - if you log in as a standard user, you will be redirected to the title page of the live site


In Site Manager -> Administration -> Event log, any changes made while impersonated will be logged with under the user name in format <user name> (<original user name>) where the original user is the administrator who clicked the Impersonate Log in as this user link.


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