General tab

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Site display name

The name of the site displayed to the users.

Site code name

The name of the site used in the code.

Site domain name

The main domain of the website. Use domain name without http:// protocol and without www. If you use other port than 80, specify it as well.

Default content culture

Default culture of the site content.

Default visitor culture

The content culture that should be set to the site visitors if they don't have any cookie with preferred culture set. (Automatic) means the culture is decided based on the browser preferences. If none of the preferred languages is supported by the current site, the default culture is used.

Site CSS stylesheet

Default CSS stylesheet used for all pages unless they override the value with their own CSS stylesheet.

Editor CSS stylesheet

CSS style sheet used for the WYSIWYG editor content.

Site description

Optional description of the website for internal use.


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