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On this tab, you can see a list of all your current friends. New friendships can be requested using the AddFriend Add a friend link. You can also Remove (Delete) or Reject (Reject) friends in the list. The difference between the two is that rejected friends can't request your friendship anymore while they are in the rejected status, while removed friends can request the friendship again. By checking some of the check-boxes and clicking one of the Reject all selected friends and Remove all selected friends buttons, you can reject or remove more friends at once.


In the Add a new friend dialog, you have to click the Select button, which opens the familiar user selection dialog. After selecting a user, you can enter some comment that will be displayed to the user when they receive the friendship request. You can also check the following check-boxes:


Send e-mail - an e-mail with the friendship request will be sent to the user
Send message - messaging module message with the friendship request will be sent to the user
Automatically approve - global administrators and users with Manage permission for the Friends module can use this check-box, which creates the requested friendship without the other user's approval


Detailed information about the Friends module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Friends.


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