File import

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This page contains the user interface for the File import module.


The label at the top shows the path to the file import folder, which is where all files that you wish to import must be located. If the folder doesn't exist, you may need to create it on the disk. By default, the files are imported from the ~/CMSImportFiles folder. You can change this folder at CMS Site Manager -> Settings -> Files -> File import folder.


After you upload the files to the given folder, you may need to refresh the page to ensure that it is up to date. Now you should see the list of files with checkboxes that allow you to choose which files should be imported. You can also choose where the files will be stored in the content tree, whether you want to delete the files from the disk once they are imported and if the extensions of the files should be included in the new document names.


Target alias path

Here you can select the path in the content tree where imported files should be placed.


The culture in which the files should be created.

Delete imported files from disk

If this box is checked, the files will be be deleted from the source folder once the import process is complete.

Include file extension in name

Indicates if the file extension should be included in the name of the file as displayed in the content tree of CMS Desk.


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