Export Grid Objects

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Here you can select the global export options.


Global selection


Load default selection - objects will be selected based on the pre-selection choice made in Step 1
Select all objects - all objects will be selected
Deselect all objects - no objects will be selected


Export settings


Export files - some objects in the database are linked with physical files in the file system; if you check this check-box, these files will be exported along with the database objects
Export global folders - if checked, global files under the folders listed below will be exported

- <web project>\App_Code\Global

- <web project>\CMSGlobalFiles

Export ASPX templates folder - if checked, folder with ASPX page templates will be exported

- <web project>\CMSTemplates

Export forum custom layouts folder - if checked, folder with custom forum layouts will be exported

 - <web project>\CMSModules\Forums\Controls\Layouts\Custom

Export tasks - if checked, delete tasks (incremental deployment) will be included in the package


Page url: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/5_5r2/contexthelp/index.html?exportgridobjects.htm