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In this dialog, you can move documents previously selected in the CMS Desk content tree. The files can be moved into any site currently running on the web server. The site to insert to can be selected using the Site drop-down list, while its content tree will be displayed below.


If you select a node of the content tree, all documents stored under it will be listed in the main area. You can filter the listed documents by Name using the filter above the list.


You can select a target document (the document where the result of the move operation will be stored) using the Select (Next) icon or by simply clicking the appropriate line (or tile/thumbnail in the other view modes). If a document in the list has some sub-documents, they can be displayed by clicking on the Show sub-documents (Subdocument) icon. Only a document, which can contain other documents, may be selected. If a non-suitable document is selected as a target, the move operation will not be possible, and a warning message: "Message from webpage - The document type is not allowed in current location." will pop up.


After selecting a target document, click Move button. Optionally, the operation can be canceled by clicking the Cancel button.


The dialog also allows you to create new folder or to upload a new file. New folders can be created in the content tree using the New folder (NewFolder) button. New files can be uploaded into the content tree using the New file (NewFile) button.




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