SQL server and authentication mode

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In the first step of the Database setup wizard, you need to specify the SQL Server and authentication mode used to access the server:


SQL Server name or IP address - enter the name of the server. You will typically use one of these:
the name of the server (such as DBSERVER1) or
the IP address of the server (such as or (local)
<SERVERNAME>\sqlexpress (if you're using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition)
Use SQL Server account - use this option if your server is configured for mixed mode authentication with SQL logins
Use integrated Windows authentication (ASP.NET account) - use this option if your server is configured for Windows integrated authentication. In this case, you need to use SQL Server 2005/2008 Management Studio to create a new login for user account under which you currently run the web application (ASPNET for Windows XP and Network Service for 2003 - the actual ASP.NET account name is displayed on the screen).


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