Alternative forms tab

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This tab allows management of alternative forms for the selected custom table. The alternative forms can be used to replace the default form for creating and editing data records in the table, as explained in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Alternative forms -> Automatically used alternative forms.


New forms can be created using the Create new form link. You can also edit (Edit) or delete (Delete) existing alternative forms listed in the table.


When creating a new form or editing an existing one, the following three tabs will be offered:


General tab


You can set the Display name and Code name of the alternative form on this tab.


Fields tab


On this tab, you can find the field editor. Fields present on the default form are displayed in it and can be modified.


Layout tab


This tab can be used to modify the layout of the alternative form. If you check the Use custom form layout check-box, the familiar FCK editor will be displayed, enabling you to create a custom form layout. Clicking the Generate table layout button above the editor will generate a default table layout containing all visible fields defined on the Fields tab.


Detailed information about the Custom tables module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Custom tables.


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