Content management

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Max tree nodes

The maximum number of documents that will be displayed under unfolded document in the tree view. If number of documents exceed maximum number link that takes you to the document list is displayed.

New document order

Specifies the default order of a new inserted document. Possible values are ‘FIRST, LAST, ALPHABETICAL’.

Prompt to save changes on exit

If enabled, the user is notified if they are trying to leave a modified page in editing mode without having the changes saved.

Send workflow e-mails

Indicates if the workflow e-mail notification should be sent.

Send workflow e-mails from

E-mail address of the workflow e-mails sender. You can use also format ‘Someone<>

Use automatic version numbering

Use automatic version numbering for workflow. If you use workflow without content looking, automatic version numbering is used by default.

Use check-in/check-out

Indicates if content locking (check-in/check-out) should be used with document types that use versioning. Content locking allows content editors to lock the document for editing so that the other editors cannot modify the document at the same time.

Version history length

Specifies maximum number of versions in the document history. If the number of versions exceeds the specified maximum number, the older versions are destroyed.

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