Banned IP Properties

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On this page, properties of the selected banned IP address can be set:


IP Address

IP address to be banned.

Asterisk ( * ) can be used as a substitute for any number in the IP address, substituting for all values from 0 to 255.

Example: 192.168.1.*

Ban type

Type of the ban. The following types are available:

Access to the website - users cannot access the site from the entered address at all
Login - users cannot log in from the entered address
Registration - users cannot register from the entered address
All user actions - users can enter the site from this IP, but specific actions will not be allowed


If unchecked, the ban takes no effect.

Ban Reason

Text description of why the IP was banned.

Ban IP address

If selected, this IP address will be banned.

Allow IP address for this site if the IP address is banned globally

If selected, this IP address will be allowed for the selected site even if it is banned globally.

Allow site to override the ban

If checked, this ban can be overridden by bans set for particular sites; can be set only for global bans.

More resources can be found at Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Banned IPs -> Overview.

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