Audio and Video properties

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When inserting both audio or video, the following properties can be set:


Width, Height: width and height of the media player; 300x200px is used by default
aspect ratio can be locked (UnlockRatio), which makes the second dimension recalculated automatically when you change one dimension, while the ratio between the two dimensions is kept
if it is unlocked (LockRatio), dimensions can be entered manually into both fields, without the ratio being kept
you can also reload the default dimensions using the Reset size (RebuildIndex) icon
Autoplay: indicates if playback starts automatically when the page is loaded
Loop: indicates if playback is performed repeatedly in a loop
Show controls: indicates if playback controls (play, stop, fast forward, ...) are displayed; in some browsers, the controls may not be displayed if the player size is too small even when this option is enabled



Audio and video is inserted to the output code as the Media inline control. The output code looks like the following code sample:



Page url: