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Forum display name

The name that will be displayed on the website.

Forum code name

The name used in your code.


Description of the forum displayed on the website.

Forum base URL

URL displayed when users access the forum; e.g. ~/MyForums.aspx

Forum unsubscription URL

URL of the page where users can unsubscribe from the given forum.

Require e-mail address

Indicated if e-mail address should be required from the post author.

Display e-mail address

Indicates if the e-mail address of the post author should be visible for other visitors.

Enable WYSIWYG editor

Indicates if visitors can use the WYSIWYG editor for entering text.

Use security code (CAPTCHA)

Indicates if users need to retype the security code displayed as an image - this feature helps you avoid spam in the forums.

Forum is open

Indicates if the forum is visible and can be accessed.

Forum is locked

If checked, new posts can't be added to the forum, but the forum is still accessible for viewing.

Forum is moderated

Indicates if posts need to be approved by a forum moderator.


More resources can be found at:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Forums -> Overview
Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Forums -> Creating a pre-defined forum


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