Making the settings

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To get the site working, you also have to make several settings in the Site manager -> Settings section.


1. First, select the name of your site from the Site drop-down list in the top left corner of the page.




2. In Site Manager -> Settings -> website, make the following settings. Remember that you need to uncheck the Inherit from global settings check-box in order to be able to enter values into the fields.


Default alias path: /Home
Default culture of the content: English - United States
Page title prefix: My Community Site
Exclude documents from search: /Special-Pages/%


Click Save.


3. In Site Manager -> Settings -> Security, make the following settings:


Check page permissions: No page
Website logon page URL: ~/Logon.aspx


Click Save.


4. In Site Manager -> Settings -> Blogs, set the following value:


Blog unsubscription URL: ~/Special-Pages/Blog-Unsubscription.aspx


Click Save.


5. In Site Manager -> Settings -> Community, enter the following values:


Group security access denied path: /Groups/{GroupName}/Access
Group management path: /Groups/{GroupName}/Management
Group profile path: /Groups/{GroupName}
Member management path: /Members/Management
Member profile path: /Members/{UserName}
Invitation acceptation path: /Special-Pages/Invitation-Acceptation
Friend management path: /Special-Pages/Friend-Management


Click Save.


6. In Site Manager -> Settings -> Forums, enter the following values:


Forum unsubscription URL: ~/Special-Pages/Forum-Unsubscribe.aspx
Forum base URL: ~/Forums.aspx


Click Save.


7. In Site Manager -> Settings -> Message boards, adjust the following property:


Board unsubscription URL: ~/Special-Pages/Board-Unsubscribe.aspx


Click Save.


8. The settings are done. The whole website should now be fully functional.


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