About this guide

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Who is this guide for?


Kentico CMS Developer's Guide contains reference information for Kentico CMS developers and system administrators.


It is expected that you are familiar with the basics of Kentico CMS explained in Kentico CMS Tutorial (or Kentico CMS Tutorial ASPX if you are developing in the ASPX page templates mode). It is also expected that you have a certain degree of experience in ASP.NET web development and C# programming to be able to fully understand all articles in this guide.


What information can I find in the guide?


This guide should provide comprehensive reference for website development and administration in Kentico CMS. It provides description of the system's functionality and step-by-step examples of typical development and administration tasks.


How is the guide structured?


The guide is divided into several logical chapters:


Kentico CMS overview - basic information about the system and  intended for a first-time user
Installation and deployment - covers the installation process, additional configuration tasks that might be needed after installation and a troubleshooting section with solutions to usual installation issues
Content management - information on how to manage the content of your website; it explains how pages can be edited, how the WYSIWYG editor can be used, how files can be managed, etc.
Managing sites - management of sites, i.e. creation of a new site, running and stopping sites, import and export of sites and objects, license management, etc.
website settings - overview chapter with links to other sections of the guide where various website settings are explained in different contexts
Development - provides information on various topics related to website development and system administration
Modules - reference on in-box modules in Kentico CMS
API programming and Kentico CMS internals - examples of the usage of Kentico CMS API and explanation of the internals of the system


Valuable reference can also be found in the four appendices:


Appendix A - Macro expressions - explains the possibilities of using macro expressions in Kentico CMS
Appendix B - Path expressions - explains how path expressions can be entered in various parts of the system
Appendix C - Web.config paramenters - list of keys which can be added to the web.config file of your site to perform additional low-level settings


Page url: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/5_5r2/devguide/index.html?about_this_guide.htm