E-commerce in Kentico 8 - We are listening!

Check out the list of your e-commerce ideas and suggestions from Kentico UserVoice that are to be included in Kentico 8.
Simply put, Kentico 8 will be a huge step forward for the Kentico E-commerce solution. Here is the list of your e-commerce ideas, taken from Kentico UserVoice, which will be included in Kentico 8. You can find more details in the idea comments. 

PS: There are also a lot of ideas waiting for your feedback. Without your feedback, we are not usually able to process the ideas or put them to our product backlog.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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Petr Vozak

Product Owner responsible for Kentico E-commerce Solution. He writes about its new features, future plans and all related stuff you might be interested in.


Matthew Swain commented on

Hi Petr,

This is really great news and good to see Kentico E-Commerce going in the right direction :)